Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook Albums aren't organized well

I have never been interested in Facebook albums and uploading my images
but one day i got interested and found it silly somehow in its organization of images

for example
a friend of mine adds a new album and adds N images in that one

I was one of the people in that event and took some other images and want to add these ones also

Facebook style

create new album
add your images
tag people to spread them to your friends


If i want to see all images taken on that event, i will have to look at images in many places
and thus i will miss the most important part here which is seeing everything in one single place


we need to change our look at Albums and understand the right flow of taking photos
we go to certain event
we take photos in that event from different sources which are friends on facebook

So, we need to have one collective album attached on one event and many collaborator
so that the idea seems as if we all have the same album with the same name
and each one has his own images and we have also the big picture

Is what i am saying weird ?? Didn't anyone feel this feeling before ?? or it is just me who is seeing the problem !!! or maybe i can't use facebook right

by the way i wish, if there is something that collects everything related to one event in one place
Talkings, Pictures, Videos, Discussions
so that one day i look at the whole matter as if i am seeing the event recorded for me

Osama Brekaa