Monday, January 19, 2015

Add "Freshness Factor" to "Pricing Strategy"

In my visit yesterday to "Dina Farms" market to buy milk as they produce fresh milk with no preservatives added, I found that there are a lot of products that will expire on the same day being shown

For me, I doesn't matter as I am not losing anything as a costumer but as a person, I am not happy that all this good food will be thrown once the day ends

Also whenever someone go buy anything, they pick the most fresh one and leave the old behind and people knew that fresh ones are added at the back or at the bottom to sell the ones about to expire first

So the Q was how can I solve this problem in a good way ?

One solution that came into my mind which might have came also into other people minds who are dealing with "Pricing Strategies" is that Freshness should be added as a factor into the price of short life products

For example if Product X cost 20 LE and will expire in 7 days
At day one, it will cost X
At day 8, it will cost 0 as it is expired and should be thrown away
At day 2 to 7, The price should decrease gradually

We can have a uniform decrease of 2.85 LE per day
so at day 2, it will cost (20 - 2.85) LE and so on

Maybe it shouldn't be a uniform degradation of price and become linear or any other distribution

But regardless of how this will be applied, I think the idea is to insert Freshness as a factor in our pricing

This way, as a consumer, I might buy a product that is 1 day away from being thrown because I know i will consume today and I am making use of the price difference and another consumer who need the whole expiry period (as me) will pay more because he knows that he will need this whole period to consume the product

So this way, both sides are feeling good. No one is playing games with the other side. It is all clear and reasonable

Monday, August 9, 2010

Money is Everything, when it comes to Work

"Money is Everything, when it comes to Work"
This is the fact i learnt after working for 3 years.

I have always heard about other factors that i was always asked to consider like "Experience, Learning, Environment, Company Reputation". I am not saying that these factors are not important. In fact they are very important ones just because they can help you reach your main work target "More Money".

All i wanted people to know is that they should measure these factors right. I am here throwing how i calculate these factors right now. and i am open to hear your opinions.


you can stay at a company just because it gives you experience. What is the value of that experience? If the value is not getting more money or better position (more money also) then it is of no value at all.

You can invest in Experience. Yes it is an investment because you might be leaving a job of higher salary because on the long run, you will get better salary which for example after 5 years or 10 years will sum up and exceed the sum you could have got from the other job you refused.

Some people just love the word and don't calculate its value. This is a fault a lot of people including me, are falling in.

Also you can gain experience in working with tool X which is not used in any other place rather than your current job. This kind of experience is not to be counted as one.


Working in a good environment is a very good thing of course. But it should also be measured.

This is of course after excluding bad ones which even if they give a lot of money, i won't accept joining them to be a slave or treated in a bad way.

For example, if you get 3K and you found another place that gives 4K but you love your current environment. If you want to stay where you are, then know that you are simulating the case of someone who takes 4K but spend 1K on his own pleasure.

Some other person might say that i need that 1K for another thing which will amuse me more than the Environment. or at least this lovely environment is not to be compared with 1K, 500 might be a good price.


you learn to be better so that you get better job or position (Money Again)

Company Reputation

Some people accept getting less money just to say that they work at Company X which has a very good reputation. or to get this company name in the CV so that they can move later to a place giving more money.


At last, i want to say that some people don't just care about money. but they care about achievements and reaching some goals they love to reach.

This is OK of course. but just know that you are paying from your money on your pleasure. No more no less. This was the word i heard from a very good investor before who said that he decided to forget about money for several years and spend on his own amusement.

One last example to summarize all this talk
if the best salary, one gets in your field is 10X. you should seek getting that one.
you can look at your current work and say

3K + (2K investment in experience and learning) = 5K
but i love the environment and won't leave my place at all
so i will weight it 5K
now i have 10K which is the best salary i should get

and when anyone asks you how much you get, tell him 10K
if you were asked so why don't you get yourself a car? tell him because i spend a lot on my own amusement

i pay 5K just to have some refreshments. may be he will accept your words
not sure if your wife will but in the end it is your life and you are the one to plan it

Have a nice salary and money :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook Albums aren't organized well

I have never been interested in Facebook albums and uploading my images
but one day i got interested and found it silly somehow in its organization of images

for example
a friend of mine adds a new album and adds N images in that one

I was one of the people in that event and took some other images and want to add these ones also

Facebook style

create new album
add your images
tag people to spread them to your friends


If i want to see all images taken on that event, i will have to look at images in many places
and thus i will miss the most important part here which is seeing everything in one single place


we need to change our look at Albums and understand the right flow of taking photos
we go to certain event
we take photos in that event from different sources which are friends on facebook

So, we need to have one collective album attached on one event and many collaborator
so that the idea seems as if we all have the same album with the same name
and each one has his own images and we have also the big picture

Is what i am saying weird ?? Didn't anyone feel this feeling before ?? or it is just me who is seeing the problem !!! or maybe i can't use facebook right

by the way i wish, if there is something that collects everything related to one event in one place
Talkings, Pictures, Videos, Discussions
so that one day i look at the whole matter as if i am seeing the event recorded for me

Osama Brekaa

Friday, June 15, 2007

امشى جنب الحيط

امشى جنب الحيط : كلمة تعود عليها معظم الشعب المصرى بل وربما اتفق معهم فيها فانا ممن يمشون جنب الحيط وهكذا تربيت فلا اتعامل فى السياسة الا فى بعض المناقشات البسيطة اللى على جنب "جنب الحيطة برضه" ولكن المشكلة هى ان تقع عليك الحيطة وفى هذه الحالة فلا سبيل لك

ومثال على ذلك هذا الموظف الغلبان اللى ماشى جنب الحيطة طول حياته وعايش على الستر املا فى الجنة ليخلص من تلك التعاسة التى تلاحقه فى حياته, هذا الموظف قالوا له روح امسك لجنة الانتخابات و مطلوب منك تراقب الصندوق بس.

قال ماشى راح فعلا راقب الصندوق بامانة و فجأة دخل عليه بعض الناس قالوا له مشى ايدك "ديه الايد البطالة نجسه" قال طب اعمل ايه قالوا سود كام ورقة كده و املا الصندوق

وهنا المواطن الغلبان لقى نفسه بين امرين ملهمش تالت يائما يوافق وينال عقاب ربنا يوم القيامه ويعيش حياة جميلة فى نفس التعاسة او يرفض ويبقى يوم اسود عليه و على عيلته و على اللى جابوا عيلته

والسؤال هو يعمل ايه دلوقتى ويختار ايه ؟ هو معرفش يمشى فى الشارع ولا جنب الحيط يبقى الحل انه يدور على شارع تانى

طبعا مش لازم اوضح ان القصة ديه خياليه من تفكير و خيال الكاتب